Lesson 1: Introduction, Faith, Expand & Enough Mindset Shifts

Welcome to the Multiplier's Mindset video course!

Our team are thrilled to have you going through this material. We recommend you order and use The Multiplier's Mindset Video Course Workbook to journal, take notes and answer questions as you proceed.

To order a workbook go to www.multipliersmindset.com.

Lesson Summary

Meet Cynthia Anderson, a disciple multiplication coach passionate about spreading Jesus' love to those who've never heard. Born in Nigeria, she has lived in Ghana, Liberia, and now in Thailand.

  • Attended a seminar in Nepal by George Patterson and Kevin Sutter, embracing disciple multiplication.
  • Witnessed the growth of a church in Nepal based on coaching and encouragement, starting a movement.
  • Moved to India, faced challenges, turned to the Bible for guidance, saw thousands of new churches established globally.

Her book delves into:

  • Chapter 1: Her personal faith journey with disciple multiplication.
  • Chapter 2: The transition from addition to multiplication mindsets with examples like the Apostle Peter.
  • Chapters 3, 4 and 5: Mindsets like faith, expand, enough, and discover (FEED), starting with faith.

This week's assignment:

  1. Read the intro and chapters 1-5 (pages 1-60).
  2. Journal about chapter questions and take notes.
  3. Choose 2 action steps from the workbook and share progress with your group.

Cynthia emphasizes thoughtful reading, reflection, and group engagement to truly internalize the material and begin a journey toward multiplying disciples.

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