This Course Was a Game Changer...God Had So Much More Than I Thought!

Aaron joined the Getting Started in Disciple Making Movements Program last year. Before the course, he was a frustrated and discouraged believer. He longed to see something happen in his community, but didn’t know how to begin.

When we saw his name and location, we realized one of our experienced coaches lived only a few hours from him. Its seemed clear that God had been setting it for them to meet and begin to work together. Excited, Aaron started to meet with his new coach.

Anticipation grew as he watched the training videos, prayed, and began to write down his End Vision. Faith was rising in his heart.

The coach met with him and together they made specific goals related to the videos he'd watched and pdfs he’d been reading. Soon, Aaron was able to mobilize others in his community and build a team around his vision to reach his area.

Learning simple, reproducible evangelism skills, he started training his team and interested people. They began to abundantly share the gospel with a goal to reach every household in their county of about 50,000 people. Already, many have responded saying they are open to hear more! With the results they are starting to see, Aaron estimates about 10% are ready to respond. That would mean more than 5,000 people that say they are interested to hear more, give their lives to Jesus, or join a fellowship.

Aaron’s outlook has radically changed by learning more about DMMs in this program and through his assigned coach. Joining a community of like-minded people has made a radical difference and seeing a movement is no longer a distant dream. Now, it looks possible and do-able with God’s help.
“We are so grateful that we took the step and signed up for C. Anderson's Disciple-Making Course. What we have received from this course was more than knowledge, though we did learn so much! The community and support that has gathered around us is incredible! We highly recommend this course!”- Students Mark & Kristi Schofield, (USA)

The Program

Quickly build a strong foundation and prepare to see hundreds (if not thousands!) of unreached people rapidly come into the Kingdom.

In this course you will go from feeling confused, busy, and overwhelmed by the task of reaching the unreached to feeling inspired, hopeful and full of faith that God can multiply disciples through you.

-Develop a step by step faith-filled plan for prayer saturation,
- Discover simple, but proven, evangelism strategies
- Find local influencers (Persons of Peace).
- Learn to stay focused on what key fruitful activities
-Start your first Disciple-Making group.

This group will be set up to grow and multiply, launching new groups in the months and years to come.

This course is an incredible deal compared to other online missions courses or college programs that cost 4 or 5 times as much but don't offer the practical skills, community, or coaching this one includes!

Plus, we are so committed to seeing you not just learn about disciple-making multiplication, but seeing you successful in starting a group that we also offer a practical online disciple-making group experience.
I know of no other course offered online that does this! It's a big commitment but we have seen it make a huge difference for people.

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The 6 Biggest Reasons People Don’t End Up Multiplying Disciples and Launching Movements
1) They are busy but don’t prioritize fruitful, Kingdom activities.
2) Prayer isn’t a significant part of their lives and plan.
3) Evangelism isn’t a lifestyle.
4) There don’t have any friendly accountability.
5) They over complicate discipleship.
6) Discouragement or distractions knock them off course.
If any of this sounds familiar, you are in the right place. These things can be overcome. It takes a willingness to change, and an openess to doing things differently.
God chose you to make a difference in the world. His heart burns for the unreached. With a step by step plan, mentors and coaches to guide you, and peers to cheer you on and keep you accountable, a Disciple Making Movement in your area is more than possible.

Because of my heart for lost people...

I have put hundreds of hours of time not only developing this course, but refining and improving it. My heart deeply longs to see ordinary people equipped to make and multiply disciples. I know God can use someone like you to make an incredible difference in the lives of your neighbors, friends and the lost around just need a community and some simple skills, and some mentors to guide you. That's why, I really, truly hope you'll decide to take this course and join us in making disciples all across the globe.

The lost, broken, and unreached are waiting for people like you and me to rise up and get active in being light and love in our community! They are waiting for someone who cares enough to carve out space in their life to learn how to make disciples and start simple groups of disciples that are easy for them to access.

I sincerely hope you'll join our community and get started on this journey!

Your Instructor

Cynthia (C.) Anderson was born in Africa. She studied cross-cultural communications at North Central University and earned a Master's degree from Fuller Seminary in Global Leadership. She and her husband have lived the past 30+ years in Asia. She is the author of the Best Selling book The Multiplier's Mindset: Thinking Differently About Discipleship, has a popular blog ( and has helped catalyze numerous DMMs in Asia.
An experienced coach and DMM trainer, she is passionate about coming alongside those who are serious about wanting to start movements.

Our 6 Module Curriculum

  Module 1: Clarify Your God Sized Dream
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  Module 2: Am I Too Busy to Multiply Disciples?
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  Module 3: Design Your Prayer Plan
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  Module 4: Abundant Seed Sowing
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Module 5: Finding Local Partners and the Person of Peace
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days after you enroll
  Module 6: Start Your First Group
Available in days
days after you enroll
  BONUS COURSE: Inviting Muslims to Follow Jesus
Available in days
days after you enroll

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